SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Trailblazers, a program committed to identifying, recruiting and training the next generation of Republican leaders, today announced its board of directors has elevated Harry Sidhu (AD – 68) to ‘Pathfinder’ status ahead of the 2016 election. Sidhu, a long-time Orange County business owner and community leader, understands the challenges facing California’s job creators and is eager to bring his experience and conservative ideas to Sacramento.

“As a champion of small business, Harry Sidhu would be a tremendous asset for Republicans. Harry has built a solid campaign foundation and is well positioned to run a winning campaign,” said Trailblazers CEO Jessica Patterson.

Candidates must complete core campaign benchmarks to earn ‘Pathfinder’ status. This includes: raising more than $100,000, without personal loans, identifying local volunteers and precinct captains, and establishing a website and social media presence.

Sidhu immigrated to the United States from India with his parents in 1974, and five years later became a United States citizen. In addition to being a long-time business owner, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, and worked as a consulting engineer in the aerospace industry. He is also a Licensed California Professional Engineer, Registered Mechanical Engineer and holds a General Contractors License (B). Sidhu also enjoys his General Aviation Licensed Private Pilot and has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1991.

In addition to his educational and professional credentials, Sidhu is heavily involved in his community by serving as a Board Member with the Anaheim Boys and Girls Clubs, as an Advisory Board Member with the Anaheim Family YMCA and as a member of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Chamber.

Throughout 2016, California Trailblazers will continue to provide ongoing support to Republican legislative candidates. Candidates who seek to enter the second tier of the Trailblazers program, Rising Star status, must raise $250,000 in campaign contributions, identify local volunteers and precinct captains and create a substantial online presence through a dynamic website and active social media effort.