SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Trailblazers today announced Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R – Santa Clarita) has earned ‘Rising Star’ status, the second level in the program’s three-tier structure. Elected to the California State Assembly in 2012 and overwhelmingly re-elected in 2014, Wilk is running a strong fundraising effort, ground-game operation and voter contact program to be elected to the state’s 21st Senate District.

“Assemblyman Wilk is an exceptional candidate, earning prominent endorsements and support from local business, public safety and education leaders,” said Trailblazers CEO, Jessica Patterson. “As a part of the first Trailblazer class in 2012, Wilk’s record in the California State Assembly of standing up for taxpayers and fighting to keep our neighborhoods safe combined with tremendous campaign performance, has never wavered. We look forward to watching him win again in November.”

The three-tier California Trailblazers structure encourages candidates to advance through the levels of ‘Pathfinder,’ ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Trailblazer’ by providing tools and resources for candidates to develop successful campaigns.

‘Rising Star’ candidates have raised more than $250,000 in campaign contributions, without loans or personal money. These candidates have also completed rigorous communications and campaign management trainings, as well as built the infrastructure for coalitions and surrogate programs within the campaign while continuing to build a strong grassroots and online presence.

Since elected in 2012, Assemblyman Scott Wilk (AD-38) has fought for his constituents by holding government accountable through examining state spending and pushing for more government transparency. In 2016, Wilk authored legislation to give Californians the opportunity to redirect billions in taxpayer dollars from high-speed rail to fund education.

In 2014, Wilk enjoyed the distinction as the only California legislator recognized by the non-partisan, non-profit State Legislative Leaders Foundation and was invited to attend its prestigious Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Virginia.

“Sacramento needs more public servants like Assemblyman Wilk to stand up against the failed policies of the liberal majority that drive jobs out of California,” said Patterson.

For Wilk to achieve ‘Trailblazer’ status, the next step in the program, he must raise more than $400,000  without personal funds and demonstrate a clear path to victory in his district.