California Trailblazers, a program with a track record of successfully identifying, recruiting and training the next generation of Republican leaders, today announced its board of directors classified Vince Fong (AD 34) as a ‘Trailblazer,’ the third tier and highest distinction in the program.

“Vince Fong has proven himself through his hard work out on the campaign trail thus far and is continuing that momentum in the final weeks of the election,” said Trailblazers CEO Jessica Patterson. “He’s paved a strong path to victory this November so that he is able to fight in Sacramento for local families and small businesses in the Central Valley, representing the very community where he grew up.”

To become ‘Trailblazers,’ candidates must meet rigorous campaign metrics established by the program. ‘Trailblazers’ have raised more than $400,000, without loans or personal funds, and identified a clear path to victory in their districts. In addition, these candidates have also created and are executing strong media, fundraising, social media, coalition, finance and Get Out The Vote plans, and have participated in Trailblazers trainings to learn sophisticated campaign strategies and tactics.

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Fong has a long commitment of service to Kern County and the Central Valley. Fong began his career working on international trade policy to open up markets for local farmers, ranchers and small business owners. Returning home to Bakersfield and working for U.S. Congressman and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), Fong’s career in public service has given him a deep understanding of public policy and what needs to be done in California to ensure taxpayer dollars are put to proper use. Active in the community, he serves on local boards to foster educational opportunities and to support veterans. As an assemblymember, Fong will fight to protect California taxpayers and to improve our state’s business climate so our communities can prosper.

“Fong’s continued dedication to public service in his community is unrivaled and he will be a tremendous asset to the Republican Caucus. He is a shining example of what our program is all about: training, equipping and empowering the next generation of Republican leaders to seek California state office,” said Trailblazers CEO Jessica Patterson.

Throughout 2016, California Trailblazers will continue to provide ongoing support to Republican legislative candidates, becoming mentors to others.