California Trailblazers, a program with a track record of successfully identifying, training and electing the next generation of Republican legislative leaders, today announced Frank Scotto (AD—66) has achieved ‘Pathfinder’ status, the first level in the program’s three-tier structure. Scotto has earned electoral success, having served the city of Torrance as its mayor and city councilman. As a business owner and leader of Frank Scotto Towing, Scotto’s hard work and vision built a company from a few employees to more than 70 individuals. His company has been recognized as an important community partner.

“Frank Scotto is a Torrance institution and will make the campaign for the 66th Assembly Seat one of the most competitive races of 2018,” said Jessica Patterson, CEO of California Trailblazers. “Trailblazers is thrilled to support Mayor Scotto as he makes the case for lower taxes, greater job creation and safer streets across the South Bay.”

As an elected leader in Torrance, Scotto improved city services and was central in building the city’s Veterans Memorial. Scotto has also served on many local non-profit boards, including as a founding member and first chairperson of the Torrance Police Foundation. As a local businessowner, Scotto created jobs and became a valued member of the city’s civic community.

Scotto has surpassed the Trailblazer program benchmarks to earn ‘Pathfinder’ status. This includes raising more than $100,000 without personal loans, identifying local volunteers and precinct captains and establishing a website and social media presence. Additionally, ‘Pathfinders’ have attended candidate trainings to learn to create and run a winning campaign. These elements ensure candidates are effectively prepared for the campaign trail and ready to lead once elected.

“The 66th Assembly District was recently ranked worst in the world for traffic and yet the District’s current representative voted to increase gas taxes and vehicle fees, making it even more painful for the thousands of middle-class Californians who depend on their cars to drive to and from work to provide for their families,” Patterson said. “Despite claims from his opponent, the billions in new taxes isn’t going to make traffic any better and Mayor Scotto will make sure voters remember the truth when they vote in November.”

Throughout 2018, California Trailblazers will continue to provide ongoing support to Republican legislative candidates. Candidates who seek to enter the second tier of the Trailblazers program—‘Rising Star’ status—must raise more than $250,000 in campaign contributions, have created strong media, fundraising, coalition and finance plans, identified a campaign manager and participated in Trailblazers trainings to learn fundamental and sophisticated campaign strategies and tactics.