California Trailblazers, a program with a track record of successfully identifying, training and electing the next generation of Republican legislative leaders, today announced Tyler Diep (AD—72) was elevated to ‘Pathfinder’ status, the first level in the program’s three-tier structure. As the vice mayor of the city of Westminster, Diep prioritized public safety, prioritizing the hire of more police officers and authoring city ordinances to keep his community safe. Diep’s record and commitment to oppose tax increases earned him the distinction from the Republican Party of Orange County as its ‘2017 Council Member of the Year.’

“Vice Mayor Tyler Diep is using the lessons he’s learning from Trailblazers to run an exceptional campaign,” said Jessica Patterson, CEO of California Trailblazers. “Vice Mayor Diep has demonstrated a commitment to building the fundamentals of a successful campaign and is well positioned for electoral success in 2018.”

Given the cost of running in the 72nd Assembly District, Diep is maximizing his Trailblazers training, raising more than $450,000 and positioning himself to reach voters. Diep also accumulated an impressive social media following, which will deliver his message and support get out the vote efforts. Diep’s pledge to fight tax increases and improve education are effective messages that are already resonating with voters.

Diep has exceeded the Trailblazer program benchmarks to earn ‘Pathfinder’ status. By raising more than $100,000 without personal loans, identifying local volunteers and precinct captains and establishing a website and social media presence and attended candidate trainings to learn to create and run a winning campaign, ‘Pathfinders’ are on their way to succeed on the campaign trail and ready to lead once elected.

“As a long-time public servant in his community, Vice Mayor Diep has a pulse on voters in his district” Patterson said. “As he continues to advance through the program to achieve ‘Rising Star’ status, Vice Mayor Diep will ensure that interests of the 72nd Assembly District will be heard in Sacramento.”

Throughout 2018, California Trailblazers will continue to provide ongoing support to Republican legislative candidates. Candidates who seek to enter the second tier of the Trailblazers program—‘Rising Star’ status—must raise more than $250,000 in campaign contributions, have created strong media, fundraising, coalition and finance plans, identified a campaign manager and participated in Trailblazers trainings to learn fundamental and sophisticated campaign strategies and tactics.