As one of the most well respected Latino Republicans in the country, Rodriguez’s experience, enthusiasm and tireless work ethic reflect the California Trailblazers culture. After serving as Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party from 2003 to 2005, President George W. Bush appointed Rodriguez to serve on the National Hispanic Steering Committee. He is a veteran of statewide and local political campaigns and has served as a member on the transition team for Governor Schwarzenegger and as the California Latino State Chairman for Meg Whitman’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. Rodriguez serves as a member of the New Majority, and he is a founding member of the Hispanic 100 and serves as the organization’s Chairman. In addition, Rodriguez has a proven record, having successfully helped elect Assemblywoman Melendez, Assemblyman Chavez and Assemblyman Linder in 2012.

“We are going to lead by example, recruiting and supporting Latino Republicans to run, win and lead,” said Rodriguez. “This is a long-term commitment to our party and the people of California. I am excited about this opportunity to engage Latinos constructively and to demonstrate why the Republican Party is most closely aligned with our values,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez will work closely with Legislative Leaders Huff and Conway, California Trailblazers’ CEO Jessica Patterson, Chairman of the Board of Directors Jeff Randle and the Trailblazers’ Board of Directors. The robust training and support will lead to more Latino Republican candidates who are well positioned to compete and win legislative races.