“THE CALIFORNIA TRAILBLAZERS PROGRAM is essential in the effort to revitalize California as it identifies and trains candidates throughout our state who are committed to the principles of efficient and accountable government, personal initiative, and free enterprise.

I’m impressed with the current Trailblazer candidates in the 2018 election cycle as they continue to work tirelessly to better our local communities. I believe these candidates will provide the new and innovative ideas that our state needs.”

-House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy


California Trailblazers, modeled after the successful national Young Guns program, successfully recruits, trains and elects Republicans to state legislative office.

Rigorous fundraising and campaign benchmarks are required before advancing to the next tier. As our members advance through the tiers, additional support is given to ensure a strong and competitive campaign.

McCarthy Fuller Mayes


The Trailblazer Program also provides resources of ongoing education for candidates to learn campaign fundamentals. Candidates will have access to industry professionals to assist in developing finance, grassroots, administrative, and political plans.

The program will supply quality fundraisers, coalition building experts, media training, issue briefings and more to ensure Trailblazer candidates have the tools to win on Election Day.

ico-quote-beginico-quote-end“California Trailblazers provided cutting-edge information, training and strategy to significantly bolster my candidacy for Assembly and create the best possible pathway for a successful campaign. The collective support of Trailblazers alumni, board members and staff leveraged best practices and resources that are second to none. This program will continue to play a key role in electing the next generation of diverse and dynamic Republican leaders in this state.”
– Assemblyman Vince Fong




Justin Mendes

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